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How do you work at a wedding?

Unobtrusively for the most part. Hopefully you should barely be aware I’m there. I do however step in to direct group shots, pose, direct and style details. Most of the photography is candid which means I’m in the background shooting unnoticed

What is your process?

  • • Consultation
  • • A rough timeline developed.
  • • Reserve your date and sign contract then submit a retainer fee at 50%.
  • • Final timeline development and questionnaire completed six weeks prior to wedding.
  • • Balance due four weeks prior to wedding.
  • • Gallery of your images delivered six weeks following wedding.

I don’t like having my picture taken.

You don’t have to love having your photo taken. You loving the person you’re with is the most important part of the rest to us.

What is the second shooter and why do we need one?

The second shooter is an assistant photographer who works with me to photograph your wedding day. I only welcome seasoned second photographers who are extremely proficient both technically and stylistically to photograph your wedding day. It’s like having me in two places at once (very convenient if you and your partner are getting ready in separate locations, have a large guest list with many to photograph, etc.) I highly recommend all couples hire both me and a second shooter but we can decide what’s right for you.

Why should we book an engagement Photoshoot?

Engagements are a romantic stage in a couples life. Scheduling an engagement shoot is the best way to practice for your wedding. You get to see your photographer at work and it’s an opportunity to know what you like and how you look in the camera. Your photos can have many purposes, first they are beautiful memory from your engagement. They can be uploaded to your wedding website and social media to build excitement for your wedding day. You can use them for your ‘save the date’ announcement.

How many photos do we get?

60 – 100 images/hr. a minimum of 500 images per 8 hr wedding

Do we get to see any photographs immediately after our wedding?

I will provide a sneak peek of limited photos 36 – 48 hrs after wedding.

Do we have liability insurance?

We are fully insured to protect both you and me. Yes I have insurance that will meet all venue requirements.

Are we required to feed the photographers?

We all have to eat and we ask you to feed the photographer(s) the same time bride and groom have their meals. This way we don’t miss any events.

How will I get my images?

All edited images will be delivered by online gallery within six weeks following the event. You will have the right to share, print and publish for personal use.