Contact Info

Ross Durant • 778-319-1969 • • Vancouver BC Canada

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My commitment to both of you

  • I promise to communicate quickly clearly and often as you need. I promise to give you an enjoyable and personal experience and capture the absolute best images possible.
  • More than anything I do take your special day very seriously and promise to create the finest images for you to keep forever. This is not lip service it is a responsibility as a professional so you will be left with quality memorable imagery of your unique day.

Your personal shot list

  • Every wedding is unique and no doubt you will have some specific requests you will want us to capture for you. It maybe a special grandparent, your mother's wedding ring or a special performance by a family member or guest.
  • We will of course cover so many of the photos of the day including the first kiss, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet throwing etc etc.
  • The most critical list I will ask you to provide us a list of family photographs you'd like taken usually between the ceremony and the reception. I will also ask you to designate a close family member who can help organize those large group photos so we keep things flowing. We don't want to spend extra time tracking people down for those photos taken after the ceremony.

Reception Decor

  • Capturing the reception settings in pristine condition is a priority. The window for this is quite small, as it has to happen after all the details are finalized by the venue (tables arranged centrepiece is set, candles lit, etc.) but before the guests enter and place of personal items on the tables.
  • Typically I will coordinate with the wedding planner and/or event manager to ensure the guests are not let in before have a chance to capture the decor. I want to make sure that you remember your reception just as you envisioned it as it will be presented to your guest when the doors open.

Tips to feel camera ready

  • Your engagement photos do not have the stress factor that your wedding will so there is no need to run from here and there to follow a timeline. You can take time and find your best angle, ask for advice from your photographer and see what you like. If you feel self-conscious about something feel free to talk about it with your photographer we know many ideas and poses to improve anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. I basically just let you be yourselves and talk, kiss, laugh and hug each other as if I'm not really there. You will relax quickly enough and things just fall into place because you're with the person you love the most. Real, comfortable, happy, relaxed, chillax, this is the West Coast this will truly be one of the best days of your life!
  • While your engagement photo shoot is not as formal as your wedding day you should feel comfortable and glamorous. Keep your movements natural you are not a fashion model there is no need to act. Mindful about where you place your hands and keep straight posture, those two tips can make anyone look great from any angle. Overall your engagement photo shoot is an opportunity to be creative experiment get to know your skills in front of the camera and start building a relationship with your photographer.